Did you participate in a workshop or get personal coaching with the Game of Gifts a while ago, and are you ready for the next step? 

That’s possible! You can contact a talent coach or group trainer for various forms of deepening.

Deepening your relationship

Playing the game together with a partner will deepen your understanding of your relationship. Questions can be addressed, such as:

  • Which talents do you have in common?
  • How do you complement each other?
  • What constitutes the basis of the relationship?
  • How do you communicate?
  • Through which talents do conflicts arise?
  • How do your missions relate?
  • What is the mission of your relationship?

Often partners make beautiful discoveries. One might see how talents fit each other perfectly and where their most profound connection lies.

Business partners discover which talents they use for their company and what their shared mission is.

Experiencing the Tree of Life

You can experience your Tree of Life spatially. This unique experience ensures that you feel the energy of both the different talents and the kingship from within.

You can also feel how the energy flows between the talents, where it may stagnate, and what this requires internally.

Visiting the Twelve rooms

In this session, you explore your castle with twelve rooms. This visit will give insights into:

  • Where the talents are in your inner world,
  • What their mutual relationships are, and
  • What is going on in your kingdom?