Willem Glaudemans discovered that he had many talents, and all of them asked for attention and energy. Like children, they also seemed to be fighting each other.

Around 1992, at the kitchen table, he intuitively developed a way to talk to them, get to know them better, and let them work together from inspiration and leadership.

It formed the basis for a game and coaching method, which was refined and expanded over time. It is inspired by the work of Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, and ancient knowledge and wisdom. Its principles proved to be universal, creating a new form of coaching: ‘archetypal talent coaching.’

Up to now, thousands of people have been coached with the game by a group of specially certified talent coaches. The possibilities of the game are far from being exhausted. Development continues.

Coaches and Trainers

A group of more than 200 talent coaches in the Netherlands, Belgium, and worldwide is currently certified to guide the Game of Gifts individually. A number of them also supervise groups and teams as a group trainer.

Additional information

Contact one of the talent coaches for more info about the game and its use. Be sure also to check out the available media articles and flyers.


‘Het Talentenspel van Willem Glaudemans’ is a registered trademark. Game design and production is in the hands of Willem Hanhart.

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